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very large tintypes

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Post time: 2013-6-8 06:21:21 |Show all posts
I would like to find somebody (preferably in the USA) who can print very large tintypes from existing black&white negatives. Or can someone teach me? I would love to make prints 24x24inches or even larger! Or a simular proces (ambrotypes?) would be fine too.

Post time: 2013-6-8 10:11:24 |Show all posts
Pete above is correct in part and wrong in part.  Traditionally, tintypes are a wet plate process used in camera.  But, today you can make "dry plate" tintypes.  The easiest way to try this is to order the tintype kit from Rockland Colloid.  The 4x5 kit comes with 10 plates and enough emulsion and dev. and fixer to prepare them.   The instructions in the kit are good.  But I would still do a google search on tintypes to find references to the kit--to get tips from others who have used the kit.   You can make prints from an enlarger.  But, you need a film possitive, not a negative.

Post time: 2013-6-8 08:47:11 |Show all posts
Both tintypes & ambrotypes are wet collodion processes that are made "in camera."  From reading your question I get the impression that you think these can be made from negatives, which is not the case. The tin in the case of tintypes and glass in the case of ambrotypes is coated with a collodion once the collodion sets, the plate is immersed in a solution of silver nitrate and while still wet placed in the camera, exposed and processed.  If the plate is allowed to dry it won't work.  So when you say looking for someone to print large tintypes, you really are saying some to photograph really large tintypes. Ambrotypes can be made to be either/both a positive or a negative depending on the glass used and contrast.  There are very few people using 20x24 cameras and of them I don't know anyone making tintypes or ambrotypes with them.  Luther Gerlach in CA is the only one I'm aware of making large ambrotypes 18x22 and perhpas larger. Regards, Pete

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Teach yourself. There are lots of books on the market on alternative printing processes. Just type in your request into google and see what you get.
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