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toner error flashing

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Post time: 2013-2-12 08:30:30 |Show all posts
We put in toner, and the error light is still flashing and it says no toner.
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Post time: 2013-2-12 10:18:32 |Show all posts
Order a new "Button", the small part that has 3 contacts that touch each cartridge as they rotate by. It is a small black switch that can be easily accessed by removing all cartridges. It pops out easily, be carefuld not to damage the wires that attach to it. You may find the part at: https://www.nationalparts.com/store/cart/purchase1.asp?pid=6984&XPR=0666058409690586098F076D0B0666058409690589098C076B0B
There is a min. $15.00 charge, so buy 3 of them at $5.00 each, plus shipping, you will spend $28.22 (ground shipping). Works for me!
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