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printer is printing double images or sometime not printing whole image

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printing business cards and it is not printing whole logo as it should or sometimes prints logo (double image) and i just put in new ink.
--HP Officejet 6310 All-In-One InkJet Printer

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Yes, you have a bad convergence Ic--set uses two of them---have someone change both and adjust the set in the Tech menu--if you need more information or help email me  etower.766@netzero.net---

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This sounds like a problem with "convergence" of the TV.  Convergence is the electronic aiming of the Red, Blue & Green projectors. Typical convergence problems look like double or triple images on part or all of the screen, wavy lines, curled edges, excessive red, green or blue color or tint, etc.  Sometimes, convergence issues  can be corrected in a menu setting of the TV that has to do with "Picture Settings" or "Advanced Settings".
If the colors are out of alignment a great deal or went out "all of a sudden" it will probably not be repairable via the menu adjustment described above - but is certainly worth trying.
If it does not straighten out with the menu adjustment, it will probably require replacement of the convergence integrated circuit(s) chips located in the TV.  This was a big ticket repair years ago, but can be done sometimes for as little as $40 in parts. Don't let the low price fool you though.. It can easily take several hours (or more!) to access, remove & replace the components and reassemble the TV.  Soldering skills are a must - and I'm not talking about soldering plumbing pipes here either.  These are delicate electronic parts and need a 15 - 30 watt soldering iron and desoldering braid or solder ****** and LOTS of patience to perform CORRECTLY.  As such, it is another "not a DIY project" unless you're willing to turn your TV into a large floor model paper weight.  If you decide to attempt this repair, you should google your TV brand and model along with the term "convergence".  Parts, costs and procedures vary by TV.  Unplug the TV for a day or so before starting the work to let capacitors discharge fully -  just to be safe.  Lastly - don't forget the heat sink compound - it is an absolute *must*!

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how to repair double vision in epson home theatre projector
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