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personal laser for network use (usb)

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Post time: 2004-9-3 21:14:00 |Show all posts
Can you recommend a B&W  personal laser for me?
up to about $200
use: fast, cheap printing (to be used instead of an inkjet) of webpages, Word documents, PDFs
My inkjet costs 6.5 cents per page (B&W). I would like to cut that cost in half.
The printer needs to work with a USB print server. I do not want a WinPrinter. Five PCs (3 WinXP, 1 Win98, 1 Linux) will print to it over a 100Mbps network. Monthly printing volume: 600 pg.

Post time: 2004-9-4 12:37:00 |Show all posts
how many time u can refill the same laser toner of the Samsung laser printer?  I have the 1210 and 1710 model.  I currently have the 1210 connected to my network printer server.  The 1710 is just too cheap to pass the deal.  70 dollars AR! I bought the toner refill from the ebay and it takes less than 2 minutes to refill it.  (I am not a handy guy for sure.  My friends always keep me away from doing those works)

Post time: 2004-9-4 11:19:37 |Show all posts
I have that printer also. The printer itself is expensive but the cost of consumables cost more than the printer itself. Mine is already having black smudges down the side of my sheet and I don't even think I printed more than 2 reams worth.
EDIT: The HP LaserJet 1300 is a great printer but it is double your budget. However, you can't go wrong with any HP or Samsung printer.

Post time: 2004-9-4 09:49:24 |Show all posts
I saw that and was wondering how well it worked. Some say it prints graphics very poorly. Some say envelopes do not print.
Does it have the feature where it just turns on when you try to print?
I have a 300x300 4ppm HP IIIP now and wonder if I get this as a second printer if it may even be as good or better?

Post time: 2004-9-4 08:41:52 |Show all posts
I run both HP1300 and a couple of Dell P1500 printers.  I think that Lexmark is the OEM for the Dell, but I'm not sure what model it is.  Both would work very well for that purpose.  The Dell use and return 6000 page cartridges are $115 and the printer costs $250.   The HP Laserjet 1300 costs $400, and the toner is ~$87 for a 4000 page cartridge.

Post time: 2004-9-4 06:46:01 |Show all posts
What is the real-world per page cost of the Samsung? (How many pages do you get per toner cartridge?)
How is the build quality? My Samsung cell phone has led me to be cautious of their products.
I also saw another Samsung that looks good http://www.buy.com/retail/product.as...73&dcaid=17073

Post time: 2004-9-4 05:36:04 |Show all posts

me too!

Post time: 2004-9-4 04:31:51 |Show all posts
Currently have the Samsung ML-1710 hooked up to a TrendNet USB print server. Works great for my needs. Picked it up for $79.99 A/R!

Post time: 2004-9-4 03:27:22 |Show all posts
Laserjet 1012 all the way....

Post time: 2004-9-4 02:17:46 |Show all posts
I've had great luck with the Brother 1440 line. Inexpensive and the quality is very good.

Post time: 2004-9-4 00:18:00 |Show all posts
You can't really go wrong with any personal laser nowadays. Just get something on sale.
I've had good luck with Samsung though.

Post time: 2004-9-3 22:43:22 |Show all posts
Take a look at something like a HP 1300
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