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parallel vs usb

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Post time: 2004-2-6 10:32:00 |Show all posts
1mbps parallel
12mbps usb
so is parellel really useless and obsolete? since most new printer even the low end no longer support parallel
btw, i threw away all my centronic parellel cable sometime ago

Post time: 2004-2-6 20:56:27 |Show all posts
      I think your view is a slightly dogmatic statement of the facts - about 90% true.  There are SO many PATA based hard drive PCs in use right now and PATA probably also in IDE SAN network arrays that....the interface will be around for a LONG time.    Right now I am reading reports about drive controller chipset incompatibilties with SATA (as far as physical hard drive swap out / migration) on different PCs - much more so than with PATA.   The current speed gain of SATA1 - in practice is next to non-existant.   When SATA2 comes out..yeah it will pull away from PATA.   I am willing to put up with the restricted airflow and data transmission skew issues that come with PATA for now as I am not comfortable making that leap yet.    Many others will feel the same way.   The only place that SATA is a no brainer is in SFF PCs.   There, any cabling room or airflow gains are a much larger issue.

Post time: 2004-2-6 19:55:09 |Show all posts
DSL and cable are slower than 10mb Ethernet and yet you don't see any motherboards with 10mb nics.  My current motherboard has built in Gigabit Ethernet now.  There's no chance any 100mb will chips will be in production in 5 years just as no one make 10mb chips now.  Pata is vastly inferior to sata and will be phased out soon enough.

Post time: 2004-2-6 18:42:45 |Show all posts
Comparing the most commonly used interfaces, USB 1.1 and ECP actually does not favor USB.  That being said, the bottleneck on print jobs is usually the unit's engine and not the port.

Post time: 2004-2-6 17:24:01 |Show all posts
in 5 years? nah. 100mb ethernet will still be faster then your dsl or cable and pata is the still the king of IDE devices

Post time: 2004-2-6 16:18:44 |Show all posts
pata will defiantly go obsolete, it will just take longer as current drives still use it.  On board lan, VGA and sound are not a comparison at all. 5 years from now won't find pata, just as you won't find 100mb Ethernet either.

Post time: 2004-2-6 15:01:03 |Show all posts
pata will never be obsolete just like onboard sound, lan,vga
There is 250gb and 300gb pata hd as well, so sata is just optional but not necessarily

Post time: 2004-2-6 13:44:30 |Show all posts
Hopefully Com ports too.

Post time: 2004-2-6 12:19:29 |Show all posts
Parallel is rapidly becomeing obsolete and newer mobos will be phasing out all forms of it soon (ps/2, parallel ports for printers and such, and eventually, PATA)
go usb
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