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help choosing a high resolution laser printer

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Post time: 2004-5-1 19:10:00 |Show all posts
Hi everyone,
My daughter is in charge of purchasing a laser printer that will be used by the physics department at her school.  It will be used for experiments, and their limit is $1,000 (total purchase price).  Of course they?d prefer a lower purchase price.  It must be a high resolution printer that prints block lettering and can be programmed in PostScript.  Since it?s a physics lab, they?ll be printing a lot of graphs and hologram type images which reminds me of the old punch cards for main frames after they have been coded.  (For those of you who remember such.  )  To give you an idea of one use of this printer, here is a project they?re doing:  A pattern will be printed in PostScript.  It will then be resized either by photocopy machine or a photograph made using lithium film.  A neon laser will be used to illuminate the intensity pattern of the image.  The patterns of multiple images will be compared.
It doesn?t have to be a color laser, but the salesman at our local Staples told her that color is best.  He also said that once you get to 600 x 600 resolution in black and white, there is no difference when printing in black.  So, a 1200 x 1200 isn?t really ?better.?  If that?s true, then what is the difference between 600 x 600 and. 1200 x 1200 strictly in terms of black & white printing?
The department hasn?t requested a color printer, and she?s not opposed to getting one within their budget, but as you see, there are questions about which to get.  She?d rather get a better quality black and white, unless what the salesman said is true.
I hope I've explained our needs clearly. :/
Any suggestions??  Thank you in advance!

Post time: 2004-5-1 20:27:09 |Show all posts
My Brother HL1440 seems to fit the minimum requirements. It does 600x600 dpi b&w and is Postscript compatible. I got it for $300 at Staples.
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