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cartridge stall ...I FIXED IT!!!! try this hope it works for you

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let me see if this helps you. turn off printer. open printer to see the cartridges. spray some rubbing alcohol on a small clean rag and rub on the metal bar that the cartridges ride on. spray some WD40 on a small rag and rub on the metal bar again. run the cartridges gently back and forth a few times. i did this and my printer works great now. i was having the same trouble as you were. cash is accepted. nate828@comcast.net dell should pay me for the technical support..i bet those brainiacks never thought of this. here that dell..send me some moneyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Post time: 2012-9-15 16:49:58 |Show all posts
Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.
I hope that you will not be surprised if I follow up your post with a disclaimer. This procedure is not supported by Dell. Any damage caused by following this procedure will not be covered under warranty.
Now, a few personal comments on the procedure. Obviously, this will clean and lubricate a part inside your printer, and this may be helpful. In both cases, make sure that the cloth that you use is damp, not wet. Do not let either alcohol or WD-40 drip anywhere inside your printer (or for that matter near your PC). It is doubtful that a tiny amount of alcohol will do any damage. It should evaporate quickly. WD-40 or other oil based lubricants can damage rubber products, and I am not sure about their effect on plastics, or electronics.
So, remember, if you do this, you are on your own. You will not void your warranty by doing it, but damage caused doing this procedure will not be covered. You should be careful with any liquid near your electronics. The smaller the amount of liquid, the better. This also applies to cleaning the outside of your PC or printer.
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