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best contact process for traveling

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I'll be on the road in Mexico for an extended period and want to do some serious4x5 contact printing. I need to be able to do it out of a suitcase and inshort-term rental apartments and hotels. Materials by and large need to be light(dry chemicals), sun-printable, and not terribly finicky. Suggestions? Thanks very much, Will H

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When you say "dry chemicals" do you mean envelopes of powdered developer, stop bath and fixer?  If so, that expands the possibilities. When I was a kid (8 or 9 years old) I got my first darkroom kit.  It included a simple and effective contact printer, which was all I needed for prints from my Brownie.  It was a metal box, about half the length of a shoebox, with a hinged lid.  The negative was placed on a glass plate, the printing paper on top of that, and the lid closed.  There was a small light bulb inside.  A flip on/off switch in the electric cord completed the package.  It was simple enough that it could be homebrewed from inexpensive parts. However if you want to go chemical-free, there's an alternative to POP.  Anthotypes may be the ultimate in simple, DIY light sensitive printing material.  The emulsion can be brewed from various types of flowers and plants without any complicated or dangerous mixing.  The homebrew is coated onto art paper or other suitable material.  There's information readily available on the web (wikipedia, among others) and in print.  One of the museums in my area usually displays at least one or two anthotypes from its collection.  Keep in mind that the exposure time is even longer than with POP - one to three days.  At that rate you could consider each print a unique original, since most watercolor painters finish a painting in the same amount of time.

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Look into Printing Out Paper (POP). Go to our good friends here: http://www.albumenworks.com/printing-out-paper.html
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