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Typically how long do laser printer fusers last ?

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Denver Al knows whereof he speaks.  He's obviously a pro.  I've been doing this for a dozen years or so and he has all the answers dead on.  It's really important to let folks know what your make and model are.  If you do that, you can get precise answers.  You could also look on the manufacturers websites.  I work on tons of different models and, as Al has said, the life - and whether or not it is customer replaceable - depend entirely on the model. I change fusers on one model at about 35,000 copies and the customer changes one at arounf 420,000 copies.  An older one I work on requires a tech to change the heat and pressure rolls, heat lamp, bearings, collars and lubricating web, stripper fingers, thermistors, thermal fuse and other parts.  It really just depends.

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It's based on number of impressions, not copies. Impressions include duplex printing. Generally the average is given in pages. The most I've seen is 250,000 pages. Generally the larger the copier the higher the amount of impressions before the fuser needs replaced. The smaller the copier, the lower the number.
As far as length of time. It depends on the model and how much you print.              Source(s):        Laser printer tech/purchaser

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It will vary greatly from printer to printer. Some printers only rate their fusers for about 60,000 copies, others are rated around 200,000 copies & more, and some printers don't have any copy rating on them, so theoretically they'll last the life of the printer. Some older printers' fusers seem to last forever. It really depends on the make & model of printer you have, it's specifications and how well it's made.
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