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The front door on my printer wont open so that I can put the

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Post time: 2015-6-30 08:27:27 |Show all posts
The front door on my printer won't open so that I can put the paper in.  I had the printer in the car--something may be blocking it but I can't see any reason why it won't open.

Post time: 2015-6-30 21:50:39 |Show all posts
omg.  never underestimate the power of almond oil

I guess the hinges were just stuck.

Anyway I am glad it worked out for you.

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Thank you

Post time: 2015-6-30 20:31:14 |Show all posts
Lost my patience and was debating trying to take it apart.  Just decided to try something else.  Put a drop of almond oil (it was what was handy) on each hinge--and guess what, it works fine now.

Post time: 2015-6-30 18:50:58 |Show all posts
this is what i am looking at and i just dont see anything that would really get caught on it.  There is no catch that i can see.
You can look on the bottom to see if there is a way to remove the entire cover and that might get you to where you can see whats going on.  But honestly i would just work on jiggling it and shaking it and seeing if i could get one of those tiny screwdrivers inside to slide around to find where it might be caught.

Post time: 2015-6-30 17:06:30 |Show all posts
The envelope slides freely between the printer (ink cartridge door) and front door and between the hinges.

Post time: 2015-6-30 15:35:53 |Show all posts
there is nothing that would freeze the hinges so i would still go for something stuck in there thats trapping it or maybe got stuck in the little crack between the door and the botXXXXX XXXXXke in between the hinges.  can you slide anything between the hinges ?  Might even be paper that was stuck in there when it got closed and wound up stuck in between the hinges
But i still think the best bet is the ink cartridge door got stuck open and is somehow caught on the front door.  Really i would try shaking it thinking of how the ink door would get in the way and how it would need to be shaken to go back to upright.

Post time: 2015-6-30 14:35:03 |Show all posts
Extender is on bottom.  I can pry the door open just enough to slide an envelope all around, top to bottom side to side.  It is tight right above the hinges, but doesn't seem to be blocked, just tight like the hinges are froze shut.  The printer was working fine, until I took it over to someone's house to use there and when I got back home, the door wouldn't open.

Post time: 2015-6-30 13:09:09 |Show all posts
is the extender on the bottom than so that it is on the outside of the printer ?  I am looking at pictures and it is not that clear.
It might be the cartridge cover inside has opened and is caught on the door.
Probably it got stuck by bouncing in the car so you might be able to bounce it back by putting the printer on its back so the cover is on top and bouncing it a bit while trying to open the cover.
you are probably right about the white piece if it goes that far it is the bottom of the paper guide.

Post time: 2015-6-30 11:11:44 |Show all posts
With the door closed the extension can be pulled out and closed back up, it is free to move and not caught on anything.
The tab that slides, slides back and forth across about 2/3s of the distance between the hinges on a track, but doesn't do anything.  I think it is the paper guide for the left side of the paper being fed into the printer.

Post time: 2015-6-30 09:35:59 |Show all posts
Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your printer question.
You are talking about the bottom front cover that pulls down and then extends to put the paper in ?
My guess would be that the extension in the middle of it extended out and is catching on the top so it wont pull down
you might try pushing the cover in that you are pulling out and knocking on it a bit to see if it would slide back down.  Or you might be able to get a small screwdriver in the top and kind of push it down or snap it out.
My guess would be that the white tab on the bottom is part of the release for the entire cover which might be helpful if you can loosen the entire cover and give it more space to open the tray.  But that is just a guess as i dont have the service manual for it.
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