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Terminology that makes you laugh!

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Post time: 2013-5-31 22:53:53 |Show all posts
I got a service call today on an electronic T/W. Our secretary passed on the information to me saying that the person called said the "Toner Slider" don't move! huh, guess what that is?  Just wanted to share that with you typewriter techs.  Kenny

Post time: 2013-6-1 14:08:55 |Show all posts
The I>B>M> office in denver had a test box(robotic tester) that ran off of a paper tape to test repaired tyewriters. It had a cover with plungers in it that you placed over the keyboard. this was in 1973

Post time: 2013-6-1 12:09:58 |Show all posts
Watched an episode of Colombo on Netflix the other night.  The typewriter on the secretary's desk was a selectric I.  It also had a broken platen knob/  Distracted the heck out of me every time I saw it on the screen.
This thread also reminded me of a machine called a robotyper.   Ah heck it is easier to post a link.  Scroll down to see a picture of the beast.
Funny thing was I actually worked on several of these.  And when I was in the army was trained to work on the Flexowriter too.

Post time: 2013-6-1 10:51:28 |Show all posts
Yes, seen Selectric's used as printers in different applications, Including
Hawaii 5 0 ( original )
Any time a "Tela-Type" would come from the Main Land, close up on the machine . . .
IBM Selectric Printer !
You see selectric's in old & NEW TV shows all the time.

Post time: 2013-6-1 09:28:08 |Show all posts
Yea had to work on a couple of those.

Post time: 2013-6-1 08:25:09 |Show all posts
Now if you really want to hear something weird.  The IBM Selectric was also used as a computer printer.  All they used was the drive and print section without the keyboard.  There is a company near here that used to convert IBM selectric ones into printers for use on Navy ships.

Post time: 2013-6-1 06:37:05 |Show all posts
At Least 5 years ago, big account we've had for 30+ years
needed their IBM Sel 2 fixed, I've dealt with this lady & her department for at least 20 of those years. Well when she went to submit the work order they denied it, stating they don't need or use "typewriters". She tried to get around this but couldn't & finally brought her work typewriter into the shop & had it fixed & she paid out of pocket & was going to try to get reimbursed by her company.
Next time I told her to submit her work order, But DON'T use the word
Instead just use IBM Printer Sel II
It worked !
Was there about a year ago, no problem, I'm here to work on the IBM . . .Printer . . .

Post time: 2013-6-1 05:32:46 |Show all posts
Bingo!  Broken carrier wire.  Kenny

Post time: 2013-6-1 03:51:51 |Show all posts
A lady just the other day said something was wrong with the "wite out" on her typewriter.
Not correcting.

Post time: 2013-6-1 02:08:22 |Show all posts
Yea must be talking about a ribbon carriage, must be a kid that did not have a typewriter in school.

Post time: 2013-6-1 00:26:52 |Show all posts
Gotta be the carriage or ribbon and if I'm right I've been in this business toooo long.
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