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TAB Blade Replacement

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Post time: 2013-4-27 20:35:35 |Show all posts
I wont have a tech out here for a few hours and they never showed me how to replace the TAB blade.

Anyone here able to help me out? One of the teeth is completely bent out of shape and I am also getting tons of transfer/detack faults.

Thanks in advance.

Post time: 2013-4-28 07:33:20 |Show all posts
If you start foolin around in thede you can see its fairly easy to remove/replace. I learned how to on my own but I didnt have a replacement so I had to wait for the tech lol. All good now.

Post time: 2013-4-28 06:12:35 |Show all posts
Yeah the STAB blade is one of those things I wish the techs would show me. Sometimes it just has to be changed and there is no option but to place a service call. One of Xerox's many "PMs" that an operator could learn, but they like to guarantee service. Sneaky sneaky.

Post time: 2013-4-28 05:10:15 |Show all posts
I just learned to change mine lately...wish I could help...but I have to point and grunt to show you.....lol

Post time: 2013-4-28 03:31:28 |Show all posts
Lol I have it running now after lots of cleaning. It seems when this blade is damaged it makes it a pain to run the higher gsm papers. Luckily I only needed to run about 25 sheets this morning, which I was able to get.

I'll ask him if cutting the tooth off will still let it run if it was ever causing artifacts.

Post time: 2013-4-28 01:57:43 |Show all posts
IDK, You try it.
Hope your day gets better.

Post time: 2013-4-28 00:08:25 |Show all posts
There is an NVM under PSP that needs to be reset as well.

I figured out how to take it out, but I do not have any replacements........

Goooood morning.

Would cutting the TAB off cause any other issues?

Post time: 2013-4-27 22:14:10 |Show all posts
I think there is an adjustment that needs to be set after replacing it. IDK
Could you cut the tab off until they get there?
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