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Samsung CLP 315W - not working!

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Post time: 2013-2-10 10:03:03 |Show all posts
Hi There,
I have a Samsung CLP 315W that appears to have given up the ghost.  I have 2 queries here... 1 can someone help me fix it and 2 should I just replace and if so with what... lets start with Q1
The printer is just over 18 months old, and has printed under 13,500 pages in its life.  For the last few days it has been stopping mid job if the jobs are big, but it has always started up again after a few minutes (which led me to think it may have been overheating?) then last night it stopped again mid job, but did not restart.  
Smart Panel was saying that the printer was offline, and asked me to connect an ethernet cable, which I did with no success
I tried switching off, pulling power etc and restarting the printer - no success
I attached the printer via USB (as it had been on wireless) - nothing happened
I have changed the Waste Toner for a new one - no success
Left the printer off overnight to cool fully and checked this morning for paper jams - nothing
Called Samsung support who asked me to change the IP from DCHP to Static - up until this point the printer was showing as having a network connection(ie blue light on) and the red error light was on constantly - after I changed to Static IP - the printer lost its wireless connection
I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers - not reconnecting and still in error mode
Currently I have no light on the wireless indicator and a constant red light on the error indicator - All toners are over 75% full
Samsung want £86 + vat before they will even give us tech support by phone
So does anyone have any ideas, or am I best buy new? leading onto Q2
Q2, if buying new, I need a colour Laser printer for a small home office printing colour text documents.  Don't mind paying £150 - £200 for the printer but I don't want big toner bills every few months... and nuggets of wisdom if this is the preferred route?
Thank you all and sorry for long post, I wanted to be as detailed as poss
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