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Sammy CLX6200 fax weirding out

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Post time: 2013-5-15 08:34:34 |Show all posts
Customer called said fax function doing weird things, dropping calls, starts up and never gets past initializing, not always a problem recieving but often enough he's losing business. Saw in previous post where crum chips on oem toners causing weirdness, any other thoughts? My luck I sold it as demo unit with 12 month warranty 10 months ago. Oldfixer, you helped me out on another 6200 problem, seen this before?

Post time: 2013-7-26 03:17:48 |Show all posts
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Post time: 2013-5-15 15:13:45 |Show all posts
Alright guys, went on site today briefly. Machine in 'fax' mode with 'comm error' flashing. Phone line 'sounded' good. Will swap out phone line to jack from 4 to 2 tomorrow when I follow up. Adj baud from 33.6 to 14.4 and turned ECM off. Only other fax adj are Send Level (9-15) currently at -12db (default I think) and Error Rate (5%/10%) currently at 10%.  Also couldn't determine line type, PIC wasn't there. Firmware is 02-03-2008   Did not find any firmware updates on Samsung site so assuming it has the latest. Do I need to tweek these two remaining adjustments i.e. 'send level' & 'error rate'??  Thanks again for your valued input.

Post time: 2013-5-15 13:30:21 |Show all posts
thanks oldfixer
I will try that on the SCX5935 not heard it or do I have CRS?

Post time: 2013-5-15 11:45:58 |Show all posts
Check everything that Clickman said, also on the SCX5935 that problem was caused by the registration roller (metal one)creating electrical noise. The fix for that was to remove the registration roller, clean the ends and apply conductive grease to both ends and reinstall, but haven't seen it on 6200 yet.

Post time: 2013-5-15 09:51:10 |Show all posts
this is a common problem with samsung modems.
Check the tel line
is it perfect analog line (no splices etc)
Often what you described is fax on DSL line, or VOIP line, And even T1 lines are not as good as people think for fax. Dedicated fully analog no splices and direct not through phone system CPU.
First I avoid putting modem in larger and special machine (color) the COST on the modem is more than you can sell a smaller dedicated machine (as well backup printer/copier)
Second PUT a DSL filter on the fax line
Third make SURE the wire to the wall is ONE line (two wire)only. Samsung faxes do not like the two line (4 wire).
Forth (not sure on the 6200 if available) turn modem speed down to no faster than 14400 baud rate (the slower speed will often fix the who problem). not all machine allow this the SCX5935 will not slow down)
last turn off the ECM mode.
AS well check firmware version and update as needed
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