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Sammy CLX3160fn fax wont connect/parts info

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Post time: 2013-5-15 22:33:33 |Show all posts
no dial tone w/ on hook. moved phone line to credit card mach and it worked, cc machine line wouldnt w/fax.
Where can I get a modem for this?

Post time: 2013-5-16 07:26:56 |Show all posts
are you sure the CC line Credit card machine is not the same phone line, 99% of my customers have them on same telephone number. since CC is only out going this works OK, but still will not work on DSL.
Ask them if the CC ever will not connect?
to know for sure if DSL line I always find out the tel number them look at the telephone bills. Or search back to wall connection where computer plugs in put the $5.00 tel in there and call the fax number with another phone - be sure to have both the CC, FAX as well the computer tel line unplugged
the problem is in the end the end users do not want this to be the problem because they do not know what and who to fix the tel problem and they do not want to add the needed tel phone lines $$$$$
The outlet on the wall can be shorted or anything thing in the tel wire system,. old building with old Daisie chained wires (look for bean slices-those little crimp doohickeys) =  you need to follow the wires ALL THE way the the junction box and even the pole...this is sure sign of the problem. last customer I had rewired just for the fax line was $400.00 this is why they will not want to accept the problem is the tel wires. it could also be stuck relay at tel co. did you call and have them test the line?

Post time: 2013-5-16 06:01:26 |Show all posts
I always carry a $5.00 telephone and plug into the tel line the fax is on. did you do that and see if you could make a telephone call?
sounds like bad telephone line not the machine for sure did you check to see if it is a DSL line?
asking will not work they never know and they will insist it is not even though they do not know. The want it to go away and want a magic fix.
ask customer if the Internet locks up on the computer. This will also happen when the fax is on the DSL line., A DSL filter will help but not 100%
Also Samsung modem does not like if the tel wire is 4 line, check that and switch to two line wire. also turn off ECM

Post time: 2013-5-16 04:04:46 |Show all posts
line/tel connector first thing I checked...before I swapped the cc machine line and fax line and still found no dial tone. New phone cord also. When I press 'on hook' i hear the relay but no dial tone.
'celebrating 30 years (1981-2011) of office machine repair experience'

Post time: 2013-5-16 02:34:22 |Show all posts
Well, three of us came to the same snap conclusion!

Post time: 2013-5-16 01:16:45 |Show all posts
yes agree with what DT said and also is the telephone line being used DSL line or VOIP this kind of call is often OFTEN these days line problem not modem
be real sure before ordering part you do not need
IKOP can get you the modem do a search for web page ikopautomationinc, note parts suppliers are not wall mart you buy it, it does not fix the problem, you now have inventory part

Post time: 2013-5-15 23:39:10 |Show all posts
Is it plugged into the "Line" jack on the back of the machine and not the "Phone" jack?
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