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Printing from Lightroom Help

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Post time: 2015-7-12 19:38:38 |Show all posts
Hey everyone,
I finally got my Pixma 100 set up and ready to go.  I was doing my first print from Lightroom.  I had everything set up from soft proofing and the print module (i thought).  In the print module I set up a 13x19 sheet of paper.  I set the cell size to 13x19.  Everything looks right on my monitor.
However, when I printed, all that printed was a little 4x6 area of the photo.  It wasn't the entire photo in 4x6 dimensions, it was a 4x6 section of the photo.  Also, on my screen the photo shows as landscape (the long dimension is horizontal).  The little section that printed was in portrait.  I can not figure out what is possibly going on.
Has this happened to anyone before? Everything shows properly on screen ready to print. What did I not set (or set) for it to print like this?

Post time: 2015-7-12 23:18:57 |Show all posts
this question finally got me motivated enough to install my LR 5 upgrade from LR 2.
on the Left Hand Size Bottom, there is a 'page set up' button.
why this isn't grouped with all the other printer controls on the RHS is beyond me, but google is our friend...
looks like out of the box, LR assumes 4x6 paper.
you should see a selection for Super B/A3+, which is appropriate for 13X19
i'm starting to remember why i continued to use aperture over lightroom when version 2 of each was installed many years ago.

Post time: 2015-7-12 22:11:52 |Show all posts
You must have something set up wrongly in the driver.
How does the print look in the preview? (There must be a 'preview' check box somewhere in the driver's dialog.)
Brian A

Post time: 2015-7-12 21:00:44 |Show all posts
So I just used lightroom to print to jpeg instead of printer and the jpeg looks right, so I must be doing something wrong with the printer settings.
Does anyone have any idea?  I am running a Mac with Yosemite.
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