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Platen cleaning?

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Post time: 2013-5-31 21:31:31 |Show all posts
What's everyone using to clean platens these days? I
don't Fedron is available anymore

Post time: 2013-6-1 08:59:13 |Show all posts
I deal with Martin Yale products from time to time,
they sell cans of "Rubber Roller Cleaner" We use on
their feed and platen rollers. Does a pretty good
job.  I believe you may be able to get it through

Post time: 2013-6-1 07:13:22 |Show all posts
Once in a while just a soapy solution with ammonia
in it is whats needed. I've seen 111 triclorolehane
unable to dissolve crusted buildup.  And a normal
cleaner do the trick.

Post time: 2013-6-1 05:38:43 |Show all posts
Thanks steve

Post time: 2013-6-1 04:15:51 |Show all posts
Sorry, did not get home last night.  
Federal Mining and Manufacturing has Fedron.  Call them at (800) 526-4063 and talk to Reda (male) and he will hook you up.

Post time: 2013-6-1 03:14:01 |Show all posts
Federal mining in NJ still has fedron in quarts only.  (Hazmat charge big on gallons.)  Will print phone # tonight when I get home.  Don't forget to use steel wool and a rag to cut cornrowing of platen down.  

Post time: 2013-6-1 02:13:39 |Show all posts
Go to any hardware store & buy a can of oops or goop off it's about $4 and works great.

Post time: 2013-6-1 00:48:24 |Show all posts
Thanks Ron

Post time: 2013-5-31 23:02:04 |Show all posts
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