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P4015 stuck in .checking paper path.

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Post time: 2010-3-9 11:39:38 |Show all posts
Upgraded the printer to the most recent firmware from the website. After running the firmware upgrade the printer came up with this "checking paper path" message. I left it sit for the better part of the day thinking it had something to do with the firmware needing to finish. I came back later to see it still there. I checked the printer for any jams and there are none. I power cycled the printer and it still comes up. So did the firmware fry the printer? Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue and clear the error?
I have an identical unit right next to it and it took the firmware just fine.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Post time: 2010-3-9 15:06:27 |Show all posts
We had exactly the same problem, we called HP and the following solution worked:
- Turn off the printer, remove the trays and duplex unit
- Turn on the printer, wait till it says READY
- Put the trays under the printer
- Upgrade the firmware, wait until the printer reboots.
- Place the duplex unit back
Just placed the printer back at the customer, all the problems were gone.

Post time: 2010-3-9 14:37:26 |Show all posts
Downgrading the firmware may or may not work as it is possible the duplex unit now needs to be replaced.

Post time: 2010-3-9 14:23:53 |Show all posts
Dave; Thanks for the response... Yep, I've tried all of that with no luck... So, I guess I have to call Mubai and go through that horror story. Looks like my choices are to down-bios to the previous version and tell my users they have to put up with the printer crashing or keep the Upgraded BIOS and tell them they can't use the duplexor. Neither is a solution which I anticipated when I bought the printers 6 months ago... Frankly, I am very disappointed with HP for not recognizing this problem and making sure there was a fool-proof upgrade path. This will CERTAINLY affect my future decisions to buy HP printers!

Post time: 2010-3-9 13:47:31 |Show all posts
What happens if you remove the added tray and duplex unit and turn on the printer and when it comes to ready do the firmware upgrade again. Now when the upgrade has completed turn off the printer and then turn it back on. When it comes to ready print a config page. Turn the printer off and install the duplex unit and turn the printer back on. Does it come to ready and print. If yes turn it off again, add the additional tray and try again. If at any point with either the duplex unit or the extra tray you get the same issue I would call hp customer care to see if they have a solution since they may have to rework the firmware again to solve this issue.

Post time: 2010-3-9 13:39:13 |Show all posts
To any one who can answer the question;
I too am getting the same error after updating the BIOS. This is a 4515x
I have the following accessories:
1. 2nd tray
2. Duplexer
3. added memory
I removed all of the items and began to build back one item at a time with a restart between each item. Everything worked fine until I tried to replace the duplexer, then I got the dreaded "checking paper path error" again.
Anybody got an idea about what to do next? I've tried everything I can think of with no success

Post time: 2010-3-9 13:24:12 |Show all posts
Mark you need to read the instructions above. Remove the added trays and then do the firmware upgade. Turn the print on and off and make sure it comes to ready. Now turn the printer off and now place the printer on top of the added tray and turn on again and most likely the unit will work. It is just that you can not do the firmware upgrade with the added tray in place.

Post time: 2010-3-9 12:37:15 |Show all posts
So am I to assume that if this does not fix the problem then the firmware upgrade as somehow managed to trash the accessory tray? The customer had no problems with tray before updating the firmware.

Post time: 2010-3-9 12:26:31 |Show all posts
HP LaserJet P4014 and P4015/4515 Printer Series - Error Message "Clearing paper path"
After a firmware upgrade, the error message Clearing paper path is displayed on the printer control panel.
Perform the following procedure to upgrade the firmware:
Remove the additionally installed tray from the printer.
Then perform an upgrade.
After you have sent the file to the printer, you have to wait at least 30 minutes until the update is completed. (The maximum time experienced was nearly 45 minutes.)
The printer will display if the RFU is finished.
After that, you have to power off the printer manually and restart the printer but without the trays.
After the printer reboot, you will see READY displayed.
Power off the printer again, and add paper trays and power on again.
Now you have the latest firmware file installed and the printer will not display a Clearing paper path error.
If after the firmware upgrade, the message appears again on the printer control panel, we have to remove all the additional accessories installed on the printer and then install them one by one and power cycle the printer. The printer will come to ready mode after all the additional accessories are removed from the printer. After re-installing the accessories (one at a time) and rebooting the printer, we have to check with which accessory the message Clearing paper path occurs and we have to replace that accessory. With the other accessories the printer will come to ready mode.
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