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My Dell 986W quit producing anything sent through the top feed...fax

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Post time: 2015-7-15 10:01:01 |Show all posts
My Dell 986W quit producing anything sent through the top feed...fax or copy just prints a small portion of the page.  It prints from the computer and accepts incoming faxes just fine.  Is this a blown chip, or something that new drivers or the like repair?

Post time: 2015-7-15 16:53:33 |Show all posts
No, then the problem can be with the connection of the lamp, it seems the connection was loose and that is why it is printing partial pages, when you open the scanner unit to scan from the glass, the connection get connected properly and the ADF started to work, you may face this problem is future and then you may have to repair the fault on the ADF.

Post time: 2015-7-15 15:14:51 |Show all posts
To my amazement I just copied a full page from the ADF.  This has not worked in weeks.  Does this support your contention that the problem is in the lamp?  If so why has it been printing part of the page, mostly toward the left side of the page?

Post time: 2015-7-15 13:23:56 |Show all posts
So, as you can see that, when you use the platen glass, you are able to copy, but you cannot do it from the ADF, so it clearly indicates towards the scanner lamp, which scans the document, when you copy or fax. This can only happen, when the scanner lamp is defective or partially working, in your case it seems the scanner lamp is partially working on the ADF and full working on the platen glass. Replacing the scanner lamp of the ADF unit will solve the problem.
The price of the lamp is around $10 to $15 and you can get it replaced from any local computer repair shop, I will not recommend you to do this at home, because to replace the lamp, you have to completely dismantle the ADF unit and without any proper knowledge and service manual, anyone can damage a working printer, while doing this.
If you still want to do this at home then, let me know and I will try to search a service manual for the printer, but I cannot guarantee that, I will be able to provide the service manual.
Click the "Reply To expert" tab below, if you have any further questions and reply me back.
Please press the Smiley face Button and click on Submit, if I have helped you today so I am credited for my time assisting you. Pressing Accept does not cost you any more, and only by you pressing accept am I compensated. Please don’t leave negative feedback, If something isn’t working let me know and I will continue working with you to resolve it! Positive Feedback and Bonuses are not expected, but are always appreciated!

Post time: 2015-7-15 12:02:06 |Show all posts
Yes, I just copied a full page on the platen glass.

Post time: 2015-7-15 11:01:48 |Show all posts
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today.
Are you able to make copies from the platen glass, instead of the ADF (feeder) ?
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