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Lexmark X466 Jams When Feeding Multiple Sheets

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Post time: 2015-7-13 12:16:16 |Show all posts
Has anyone experienced a Lexmark X466 that jams frequently when printing a single-sided print job of multiple pages?
When the X466 jams, a page will be half-way through the fuser, and another page will be just picked up out of the tray and underneath the toner. There is no or very little space between the two sheets.
The error code I consistently get is 200.01 Paper jam, 2 pages jammed. Looking at the log of the printer, it has also shown frequently 200.32 Paper jam, open rear door when it was in the branch.
There is no crease or damage to the paper. Nothing to indicate anything in the paper path causing the jams.
If I put the printer in diagnostics mode, it prints fine if I print single pages at a time. However, it will jam in 2 to 5 pages in the continuous print test.
It prints fine when doing the continuous duplex print test.
Any ideas or feedback is appreciated.

Post time: 2015-7-13 15:48:51 |Show all posts
I am a little astonished about your coworkers (and Lexmarks) Feedback. Which country are you in ?
If we encounter the error you mentioned, we clean or replace the clutch 40X5370. These clutches had a production fault so they got stuck in their "Active" position and continuously fed paper.
By now, we seem to have replaced all of the faulty clutches since we had no new cases for about a year. Replacement or cleaning are a fairly simple yet somewhat time consuming procedure, about 30 Minutes …
The wiring clamps provided by Lexmark with the replacement clutches are ridiculous parts indeed, so we use Quante (3M) Scotchlok connectors, which are way better and easier to fit.
And of course, we do it onsite.

Post time: 2015-7-13 14:01:50 |Show all posts
Feedback from a coworker…
You wouldn't believe how common this is! I have done so many clutch replacements it is ridiculous! We were always told by Lexmark to order and replace 40X5371 MPF Feed Clutch, 40X5370 Media Feed Clutch, and 40X5368 Manual Feed Clutch. I know it's probably a bit difficult now considering most of these are out of warranty. There are 2 ways you can go about actually replacing them. You can take the left side cover and gearbox off and pull the old ones off and splice some wires back together using some type of wiring clip or you can remove the power supply and duplex and run the wiring and connector all the way back to the engine board on the right side. Either way it 's about as fun as it sounds! If you need any more help on this one let me know. Definitely something you don't want to do onsite so I always swap it out with a spare and bring the broken one back to the office for repair. Good luck!
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