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Post time: 2013-1-8 08:23:23 |Show all posts
Hi. Could you please suggest a good source of Iriodin (a pearlescent ink)? My printer in India would prefer me procuring the necessary amount (very small, about 2 kg).

Post time: 2013-1-8 18:04:39 |Show all posts
Thanks, everyone! I'll contact you.

Post time: 2013-1-8 16:38:00 |Show all posts
We are the market leder in india for all kind of printing inks, offset , gravure, flexo screen etc.
Please do post the contact no. and adress of your customer to us. We will surely serve him.
Gangiyan PK
General Manager Technical.
Ph. NO. +91 9824171824 / +91 9601274045

Post time: 2013-1-8 14:47:03 |Show all posts
We manufacture Pearl Essence inks for in all forms. Sheetfed, Web, and UV are all available.
I'm assuming that you are looking to purchase 2 KG as a finished product and not for the mixing of inks yourself, correct? If that is the case, we can hopefully meet you needs. You can contact Gans Ink & Supply and someone of our staff will be able to assist you.
You need to know that the higher percentage of Pearl Essence and less vehicle, the more unstable the behavior of the ink can be. Examples are: Piling, Metering picking up ink, and over emulsification are just some symptoms.
Hope this helps.

Post time: 2013-1-8 13:29:06 |Show all posts
Thanks! I do know that there are many different kinds of Iriodin, which is why I mentioned that I actually need a pearlescent one. Probably, Iriodin 123 (Bright Lustre Satin) or whichever one has the brightest and smoothest lustre (no glitter, no interference, etc.) of white or silvery color.

Post time: 2013-1-8 11:42:45 |Show all posts
ASAIK Iriodin is a pigment, not an ink. And it's not only for pearlescent effects. Your ink supplier would contact them to get the pigment which they would then use to formulate an ink to achieve the effect you're after.
In the US the pigment is available from
EMD Chemicals Inc
7 Skyline Drive
Hawthorne, NY 10532
phone 1914 592 4660
w w w.emdpigments (dot) com
best, gordon p

Post time: 2013-1-8 10:00:26 |Show all posts
As far as I know Iriodin is not an ink, it is a pigment. Your ink supplier would contact the the source in order to get the pigment and formulate an ink for you that is based on that pigment and the effect you are trying to achieve,
In the US the source is:
EMD Chemicals Inc.
Pigments division
7 Skyline Drive
New York 10532, USA
phone 1 914 592 4660
email effects@emdchemicals.com
Effect pigments and functional pigments - EMD4Printing, Plastics, Coatings - EMD Chemicals
best, gordon p
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