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Installing Printers from Windows 2008 R2 printer server using the Cname

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Post time: 2010-2-9 12:35:11 |Show all posts

Am having issues installing printers on workstations from the windows 2008 R2 print server using the DNS names. the servername and Full qualified Name works fine.
l have tweaked the Registry and Disabled the StrictNameChecking but still getting an error.  this is the message am getting...
Printer Installation Failed

You do not have enough privilege to complete the printer installation on the local machine.
I found this KB and did exactly what is in the KB but stilll....

 need help

Post time: 2013-8-20 09:32:15 |Show all posts
This worked for me...give this a shot/


Post time: 2010-2-9 17:53:57 |Show all posts
any other suggestion?
I can see the printeralias name in my computer but can't map it i got the following error message
Operations could not be completed .Either the printer was typed incorrectly , or the specified printer has lost it conenction to the server. For more information, click Help.
I can map the printer using physical name so the sharing is correctly.
I have added disable strict name check registry (value =1) and the registry dnsonwire , still doesnt work.
My OS is windows server 2008 Enterprise 32 bits

Post time: 2010-2-9 17:50:39 |Show all posts
Thank you so much Alan! This worked for me as well.

Post time: 2010-2-9 17:04:23 |Show all posts
It worked also for me. Thanks a lot Alan for your help.

Post time: 2010-2-9 16:22:40 |Show all posts
I'll work with a Program manager to document the registry setting.

Post time: 2010-2-9 15:14:08 |Show all posts
Please see if this addresses the issue. 

Enable CNAMEs on ‘print servers’


If you can ‘ping’ the print server and authenticate, but the server still fails it is likely you need to enable this setting on the server for CNAMEs to work on ‘print servers’.

reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print /v DnsOnWire /t REG_DWORD /d 1

Post time: 2010-2-9 15:11:45 |Show all posts
Hi Andy504
Same problem here. I'm able reproduce it. I hope MS is getting us a solution soon, because it's really a bad problem for me.

Post time: 2010-2-9 15:06:31 |Show all posts
1. This happens on Windows 7 and Windows XP clients.
2. All clients can view the contents on the \\prinserver print shares on server 2003.  Same result on Server 2008 R2.
3. I added the anonymous logon to a print share but that didn't work.
4. All clients fail the same way.
The advantage of using a cname/alias of a print server to install printers is when you migrate your printer shares to a different print server all you have to do is change the alias record in DNS and then the clients will reconnect to the new print server.  This is very powerful when you have alot of users.
I haven't added this issue to the security forums but I think that is a start in the right direction.
I guess if this doesn't get resolved soon I can migrate my printers to another 2003 server I have until a resolution.

Post time: 2010-2-9 14:46:38 |Show all posts
I don't have access to DNS servers but I'll ask around.  Are these Windows 7 client machines or XP, or Vista.   I see the disablestrictnamechecking=1 setting is in the security layer, have you posed this to any security forums?
Can the client view the contents of the \\printserver\print$ share on Server 2003?   Just confirm the same result to the cname entry for Server 2008 R2.
Have you tried adding Anonymous Logon to one of the printers security settings?  I don't think this is it but just curious.
Do all clients fail the same way?

Post time: 2010-2-9 14:37:33 |Show all posts
Hi Alan,
We appreciate your help on this.  If you have access to your DNS server you should be able to setup an alias recored pointing to your print server.  Also you'll need to add the reg key for disablestrictnamechecking=1 in order for you to browse the shares using the alias.  Two things to look at.
1.  if you browse to the shares using the server host name or FQDN you can browse the shares and printers and will be able to add printers to your workstation.
2. if you browse via the alias name you can see all of the shares and printers BUT if you try to add the printer you will get an error message.
This method worked in server 2003-2008 but for some reason not in 2008R2.  Let us know if you see the same issues, and if you can possibly escalte this.  I anticipate you will see more people asking about this issue.
Thanks for your help.

Post time: 2010-2-9 13:51:23 |Show all posts
Hi Alan
It doesn't work. A lot of other administrators have the same problem
see here:
Please try to help us to find a soöution to connect to the printserver with a cname, thanks.


Post time: 2010-2-9 13:21:14 |Show all posts

Add the print driver first to the real machine name, then use the Add Network Printer wizard and select the print driver from the list. 

Post time: 2010-2-9 13:20:37 |Show all posts
i have the same probleme, i have already trie the micrososft help. But doesnt work.

Post time: 2010-2-9 12:47:48 |Show all posts

Add the print driver first to the real machine name, then use the Add Network Printer wizard and select the print driver from the list. 

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