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IR 2200 ERROR000014-0000

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IR 2200 ERROR000014-0000
--Print Servers

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hai, its a fixing moter problem ,replace the fixing motor

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E064 The presence of a high-voltage error is communicated by the composite power supply PCB. (The output for primary charging, developing, or transfer
has deviated from a specific level of voltage.)
Main cause The contact has poor connection. The wiring is faulty. The composite power supply PCB is faulty. The DC controller PCB is faulty.
1. Contact
Is any of the contacts of the primary charging roller, developing assembly, or transfer charging roller soiled? Or, is there poor contact?
YES: Clean the contact, and set it once again.
2. Wiring
Is the wiring between the contacts for the following normal: DC controller
PCB (J301), composite power supply PCB (J136), primary charging roller, developing assembly, transfer charging roller?
a. DC controller PCB (J301)  composite power supply PCB (J136)
b. composite power supply PCB (J130-7)  primary charging roller contact
c. composite power supply PCB (J130-1)  developing assembly contact
d. composite power supply PCB (FT133)  transfer roller contact
NO: Correct the connection.
3. Composite power supply PCB, DC controller PCB
Try replacing the composite power supply PCB. Is the problem corrected?
YES: Yes.
NO: Replace the DC controller PCB.

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It's to do with the fixing unit (hot bit)  left hand side.  Make sure theres no paper **** any where near it.  If so switch off then on.
If not it looks like there may be a fault with the fixing film or may just need the error resetting in service mode.
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