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IBM ww 10 ser. II

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Post time: 2013-5-31 14:50:50 |Show all posts
Greetings, Ribbon platform moves erratically. Sometimes stays up. Print pattern on the ribbon overlaps sometimes. Ribbon is ok. Something I can do other than replacing the carrier unit?
Thanks Homeboy.

Post time: 2013-6-1 02:42:35 |Show all posts
Hi All,  Did replace the System PCB and the Carrier Unit.  The System PCB solved the erratic ribbon problems and the Carrier Unit took care of the possible shorted ribbon motor and the strobing.

Post time: 2013-6-1 01:42:05 |Show all posts
Hi Keith, Ordered a System PCB Friday. Was also warned about the ribbon motor being shorted. Will test and/or change the motor. Thanks for the added support. Will post results.
Regards, Homeboy.
PS-looking to have some dialog about repairing and selling vintage typewriters...have 40 'odd' years of experience...who's out there Smarka!??

Post time: 2013-5-31 23:42:42 |Show all posts
had similar problem. swapped out ribbon plate and after a paragraph the system board smoked.  had to repair board and replace ribbon motor again.  You can test the motor for shorts or wrong ohms.

Post time: 2013-5-31 22:35:18 |Show all posts
Good Morning, Swapped out the carrier unit. Did not help. With the original carrier unit, still having the same problems and more. Strobing as well as ribbon lift and blotchy impression. Think it might be the System PCB? Don't have one to swap.
Can ship to National for testing, and/or repair. What's your opinion?
Regards, Homeboy.

Post time: 2013-5-31 21:30:26 |Show all posts
Did you just swap out the motor or the whole ribbon platform?  Might try that if you haven't!

Post time: 2013-5-31 20:17:53 |Show all posts
Hi Ken, Did clean the ribbon drive motor, etc. but not working. Swapped the motor out...same problems. Some problem with the cam/lift assembly?
Can send it out for exchange/repair but prefer to work it out myself. What do you suggest?
Regards, Homeboy.

Post time: 2013-5-31 18:18:33 |Show all posts
Thanks Ken, Will try in the am.

Post time: 2013-5-31 16:22:54 |Show all posts
Sounds like the ribbon drive motor is sticking.  Try oiling the bearings, and just give the whole ribbon platform and feed a good cleaning and oiling.
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