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IBM Selectric main hub

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Post time: 2013-5-31 11:48:48 |Show all posts
Does anyone have a supply, or know where I can puchase a few IBM Selectric main drive hubs?  They all seem to be cracking, opening up at the teeth, making an otherwise good machine a candidate for the junker shelf.  The only alternative seems to be to scavenge still useable hubs from old junkers, but of course this is pretty labor intensive.
Jim A.

Post time: 2013-5-31 20:34:25 |Show all posts
Mar.18,2012:attempting to find a source for IBM Selectric main drive hubs?Ran across these comments on Smarka,but not know how to correspond with the commentors?My reply email:mbbigmike@yahoo.com,or fax:7136910488

Post time: 2013-5-31 19:15:03 |Show all posts
I have 5 new ones & about 10-12 used ons.
Let me know if you want any.

Post time: 2013-5-31 17:51:51 |Show all posts
For over 10 years I have taken old cracked hubs & rework them & then melted steel reinforments into hub, then epoxy the circle to make stronger than new. Even when I salvage good Hubs I reinforce them before using. Not one of the hundreds has ever recracked. I install about 1 a week. I usually prepare about 10 hubs at a time while I have all the stuff out to do it. Last week I repaied 15 IBM Typewriters @ close or over 75.00 each. Yea, "Nobody" use's Typewriters these days ! !
People I Know Who Have & Use IBM Typewriter
Paul Harvey (I service his every January )
Huge Heffner ( Saw a Sel lll & a WW at his mansion, in use ! )
Bill Gates ( got's a Sel lll in his own office )
Joe Aripio ( AZ Sheriff)
DJ ... w/ JC Business ( since 1977 )

Post time: 2013-5-31 16:21:22 |Show all posts
I love guys that can still find a solution to the tough ones.
Well Done!

Post time: 2013-5-31 14:47:27 |Show all posts
The hub and gear can be salvaged. You must shift the position of the broken gear back to conform with the grooves of the hub and therefore close the gap. Apply superglue to strengthen it. THEN clean lube and adjust the machine so that it moves freely, smoothly, and with little effort when cycling by hand.  The crack will not seperate under normal circumstances. Good luck. Sam

Post time: 2013-5-31 13:38:52 |Show all posts
I think everyone is having the same problem with those motor belt pulleys / main drive hubs.  I have been having to salvage them for the past several years.  I just make it a practice never to throw a selectric away, without taking the hub out first.  A couple other things I always save are the "tilt belcrank, tab pulley, motor pulley snap rings, pointer holders, and those smallest little e-clips.
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