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I need suggestions for a new monitor

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Post time: 2015-7-10 16:03:03 |Show all posts
I currently have a Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM monitor and would like to get something more compatible with photo viewing.  I was looking at the Viewsonic VP2365-LED at Amazon for $233.  Is that a good choice or is there something better without being too expensive?

Post time: 2015-7-11 01:07:58 |Show all posts
If you are simply "viewing" then it hardly matters what monitor you use, any decent 1080 or higher panel will do, seriously. Your eye/brain will largely see what it expects to see unless you are comparing it to something else at the same time. Calibrating may "correct" to some degree a wildly off color monitor (it is rare to find that with modern panels) but that's about it. Be aware that most consumer devices, including lower priced IPS panels, are 6 bit devices. I am not sure how much this matters as the world basically runs on 6 bit color.
I would avoid 4k for now unless you have the GPU horsepower and don't mind tiny icons.
If you want a monitor for color managed printing then I believe the best value at present is the Dell line with a (separately purchased) mated Xrite calibrator. The X-rite  device and Dell software allow use of the built in 14 bit calibration tables in the monitor (Windows only). This has been the best monitor that I have found for printing--short of $1000 and up dedicated graphics panels--since my last CRT bit the dust (I have tried a lot of panels).
If color managed printing is not your goal there are some amazing bargains this time of year for high end name brand monitors. Read the reviews (objective tests, not Amazon user comments).

Post time: 2015-7-10 23:41:43 |Show all posts
I have a Viewsonic VP2365wb; I believe it's the same as the one you're looking at except it's not LED.
I basically like the monitor but there are issues:
There doesn't seem to be any customer service. When I bought it I was using WinXP and the software that came with it worked but when I went to Win7 it caused all kinds of weird problems and Viewsonic just wasn't interested in doing anything about it. (Actually, they didn't even seem interested in anything having to do with service at all.) At first I thought I was going to lose the ability to pivot the monitor (horizontal/vertical) but found another program that works.
There is a definite brightness difference between the left and right sides of the screen. For most work it's not noticeable but when I do softproofing I have to put the two copies one above the other instead of side by side.
I love being able to pivot the monitor but that means it sits VERY high off the desk. It's strongly recommended that people look slightly down at their monitor but for that to happen I would have had to use a drafting chair and sit way up in the air. (I cut a hole in the desk top; long story.)
It was a good price and it has its good and bad qualities.

Post time: 2015-7-10 22:08:21 |Show all posts
U2312HMt   It has been discontinued.  As suggested, get a wide gamut monitor if you can afford it as it will give better accuracy.

Post time: 2015-7-10 20:50:33 |Show all posts
It looks like a decent entry level IPS monitor. Ideally, for photography and printing, you would want something with a wider gamut. Some of the wide gamut Dells are good value. NECs also offfer one of the best price to performance ratio too.
Brian A

Post time: 2015-7-10 19:11:21 |Show all posts
Thanks for the reply.  Which Dell Ultrasharp monitor are you using?
The Datacolor Spyder4Express is currently on sale for $69 so I ordered it from Amazon.

Post time: 2015-7-10 17:44:15 |Show all posts
The Veiwsonic you are looking at has a wide viewing angle (IPS screen) which is the most basic requirement.
Regardless of the monitor you buy, it is important to properly calibrate it.  A basic colorimeter like X-rite's ColorMunki or Datacolor's Spyer would greatly assist you in getting more accurate colours.
I have used them on $100 monitor to $1000 monitors,and all of them benefit from it.  Even on my horrible notebook monitor, I can get reasonable looking prints after calibration with the Spyer.  It's the most important $100 you will spend IMO.
But... for lower priced monitors, I find my calibrated DELL Ultrasharp produces colours closest to my prints.
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