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I have color and black cartridges installed but when I try to print a

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Post time: 2012-10-20 00:13:33 |Show all posts
I have color and black cartridges installed but when I try to print a color coupon, it only prints in black. The test page prints blue and black.
--Lexmark All-in-One Printer with PictBridge

Post time: 2012-10-26 13:05:56 |Show all posts
When the printcartridge contacts are dirty and the printer cannot detect/communicate withprint cartridge.
Clean the contact points on the cartridges with adry, lint-free cloth.
1. Open the top cover of the printer.
2. Remove the print cartridges.
3. Clean the copper-colored contact points on thecartridges with a damp, lint-free cloth.
Use a dry, lint-free cloth to remove moisture fromthe contacts.
5. Insert the cartridges back into the printer.
6. Close the top cover.
7. Try printing again.
If you still cant communicate try with newcartridge .
To solve theprinting problem..
# Hold the cartridge upside down, with thebar-code label facing you and take a damp paper towel.
# Use the towel to wipe the printhead of thecartridge on the bottom (where the ink comes out). Wipe the printheadhorizontally in one direction only (left to right).
# Continue doing this until it looks clean.
# Then dab the cartridge on the towel to make surethe ink is flowing.
# Next, look inside the printer and locate thecarrier that holds ink cartridges. Caution: Make sure the cartridges are notinstalled at this point.
1. Look for a shiny piece of metal underneath thecontacts at the back of the carrier.
2. Take a damp cotton swab (use water only!) andwipe along the bottom of the shiny metal piece. Note: You may need more thanone swab.
# Reinstall the cartridges, making sure you snapthem correctly into the printer.
Hope this help.Please Rate My Response! Thanks!

Post time: 2012-10-24 02:47:32 |Show all posts
Dell printers donnot seem to work on refilled cartridges. Do buy new cartridges to fix the issue

Post time: 2012-10-21 15:09:23 |Show all posts
Do print head cleaning. Contorl panel>right click on c66 and go to printing preferences>maintenance tab>print head cleaning>do it 3 times and then try to print
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