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I hate my HP Officejet 6500A Plus--It's junk

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Post time: 2012-12-16 12:05:05 |Show all posts
The scan feeder is already broken.  I can't do without my printer to send it back to HP.  What do I do now?

Post time: 2012-12-16 20:05:44 |Show all posts
Hello cfidel
What exactly seems to be the problem with your Officejet J4680? Would you like me to help troubleshoot it? If so please let me know what operating system you are running, what exactly is happening, and how the printer is connected.
        I work with HP.
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Post time: 2012-12-16 18:06:17 |Show all posts
I hate my HP printer as well.  I have an officejet j4680 and I have had to reinstall it about 25 times on my computer!!! and I am still lucky if it works.  Very disappointing.

Post time: 2012-12-16 16:46:03 |Show all posts
ditto. i googled "i hate my HP scanner" and got here. i had a canon all in one and never ran into such counterintuitive processes. unfortunately i gave that one to my parents, when this one came free with my new mac.  have been trying to scan a document for days. finally had it set (don't even really know what i did) and it didn't save my settings (how, i do not know - it worked for a whole day straight), so i am starting all over. it wants to scan bits and pieces as though it is scanning images.  when i set it to document / text, it scans an entire page but with horrible quality. i will probably sell it on craigslist and buy another model... i don't know. it's 2012 and each scan takes over 30 seconds? and makes a ton of noise. wack attack.

Post time: 2012-12-16 15:20:59 |Show all posts
I specifically searched the internet for "I hat my HP Officejet 6500" to see if anyone else felt the same as me. This is where I ended up. I am glad it is not just me. I have had many HP printers, and this is by far my least favorite. Least Favorite is really unfair. I really do hate it.

As soon as I set it up out of the box, it left a very small tear at the top of almost every page. There seemed to be something wrong with the paper feeder mechanism. It was also very loud when it did this. It always sounded like it was going to cause a paper jam, which it did, a few times. I kept using it for a while hoping it would get better after the rubber rollers became worn a little. During that time I continued to experience a list of other things that were also annoying and/or problematic.  I called and went through the rigors of tech support, and they finally sent me another printer.

As soon as I set up the replacement printer, it had a loud squeaky roller of some type that was unbearable. Every time the print carriage moved, this roller/gear?? sqeaked very loudly. I was so frustrated. I did not want to go through this whole process again. I looked on line for other people with this problem, and many had experienced it, and most of those had been sent a replacement! BUT, one of them figured out which roller/gear was the culprit and said that he had put some lubricant on it, and the noise stopped. I did as he had described doing, and YAY!

NOW... the duplexer that allows printing on both sides of the paper is nice but if you use this feature the print time is UNREAL! It takes FOREVER! The paper pauses to let the ink dry on the first side of the page, before feeding it back through to print the second side. The pause seems WAY TOO LONG.

ANOTHER THING... It takes A BREAK way more often than any of my previous HP printers, where it clickety-clacks for about 30 seconds or so -- cleaning print heads or something. This also slows down productivity.

Oh, AND... The wireless kept losing it's connection to my wireless router -- I AM TALKING LIKE EVERY OTHER PRINT JOB! The printer is luckily near my router, so I gave up and used a wired connection.

I purchased this printer to replace an older model HP ALL-In-One that had been GREAT! I think it was a 4500? The only reason I gave it up, was because the paper feeder on the scanner had quit working and/or jammed constantly. I used it a good bit. I hate faxing on the scanner glass. MAN DO I MISS THAT PRINTER NOW. It was so fast. I used the manual two-side printing feature constantly. It was great.


Post time: 2012-12-16 13:57:07 |Show all posts
Hello rabbits1

In order for the community to be of assistance, please provide further information. Include things like operating system, the problem itself in a little more detail, and any recent changes that may be related such as updates. Is the scan feeder simply not feeding or feeding improperly?
        I work with HP.
Don't forgot to say thanks by giving "Kudos" to those that help solve your problems.
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