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How do I open the top to refill a lexmark Z-23 ink cartridge?

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The refilling instructions for all Lexmark and COMPAQ black cartridges are the same.
The correct type of ink has been included with your kit.
Always cover working area with newspapers.
1.      With the enclosed drill eyelet, create a hole in the top of the cartridge as seen in the diagram.
2.      Attach the needle to the syringe and twist the needle on tight. Draw 15ml of black ink. Insert the needle in the hole you just created. Slowly inject the ink inside the cartridge allowing the sponge to absorb it.
3.      Seal the hole with tape or put glue from a hot glue gun over the hole.
4.      Rinse the syringe and needle in warm water and store in a safe place for future refills. Always replace the protective sheath onto the needle when done.
If the cartridge prints in streaks or does not print cleanly it is highly likely that the print head is clogged, dirty or damaged. To clean the print head, Place the print head in just enough simmering water to cover it. Let it sit in the water for about five to ten minutes. Remove the cartridge and squeeze the sides with your hand forcing ink out of the print head. For stubborn cartridges use ammonia (50/50 with water). The copper contacts can be cleaned with plain water and a soft cloth.
I was sure you couldn't open an ink cartridge so i looked this up to make sure. you need a refill kit.
Good luck.              Source(s):        http://www.inkjetcartridges.com/_LEX16B.…
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