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How can i send fax throe online (without fax machine)?

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How can i send fax throe online (without fax machine)?

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When it comes to online fax then nowadays faxing is an important part of doing business for particular types of documents and industries, like public relations and many other sectors. With the help of Internet faxing or online faxing any document that can be attached to an e-mail can easily be faxed to an analog fax machine. Users can also try googlefaxfree for the sake of online faxing. That contains Microsoft Word documents, PDF files and scanned pictures. It is known as a hosted service that means to say that you don't have to purchase and install fax servers, modems or any other software, just subscribe to a third-party Internet faxing service that changes e-mails to faxes and faxes to e-mails. As we all know that e-mail is the only app that is essential to send and receive Internet faxes. Online faxing is a vital part of our professional life. It makes lives easy for all of us and save us from a load of paperwork and other messy situations.

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There are many online fax services available that allow you to send faxes via your computer, they range in price and reliability.

Sfax (http://www.sfaxme.com) is a service that costs from $36 a year and is secure.

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scan it and send it as e-mail

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The RingCentral telecom company will provide you with what you need. There online fax service is cost effective. The only thing you need to have is an internet connected computer. There's no need for a phone line, fax machine and other physical equipment.

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You will need a scanner of some sort.
You will need a fax number of some capability.
Then you send through your high speed connection.
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