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HP LJ 9050 Paper Tray Issue

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Post time: 2015-7-13 14:59:59 |Show all posts
Have an HP LJ 9050DN that is intermittently not pulling paper correctly and jamming.
When trying to print from 2 separate trays it jams but prints the first page and a second page is almost out of fuser and is blank. First page just starting to exit to the output bin and it throws a size mismatch 41.3 error then a 13.03 or 13.06 error when clearing paper path.
Checked Duplexer, Toner, Fuser, transfer roller, pickup roller, and tray settings.
Ran a Paper Path Test on each tray and it ran fine but when run for all trays it pulls tray 1 and 2 ok but then pulls and prints tray4 along with tray 3 (sheets exit at same time) and throw a 13.3 error - no paper found anywhere in paper path.
It will pull from the same tray flawlessly and configuration page prints fine.
Jetdirect card acting a little funny and wondered if it could be the culprit since it's integrated onto the formatter board.
Should a JetDirect card be put into one of the slots available on the formatter to bypass the integrated one or should the formatter be replaced completely?
Anyone had a situation like this and what was the culprit?
Did I miss something obvious?
Thanks in advance,

Post time: 2015-7-14 07:01:25 |Show all posts
In searching for a different issue I ran across a very similar issue with a LJ 9000 and they had replaced DC controller, PIU, etc. but the issue remained.
The issue was solved when they replaced the VTU\VRA for tray 4.
Hopefully this information will save others a lot of troubleshooting.

Post time: 2015-7-14 05:19:22 |Show all posts
Since everything prints flawlessly with tray 4 uninstalled wouldn't the issue be something to do with a tray 4 control board, PIU, or the DC Controller?

Post time: 2015-7-14 04:18:28 |Show all posts
Tray 4 diagnostics.
Motor test - ok.
Standalone running test - ok.
Sensor test - sensor by fuser is the only one I couldn't activate by hand.
Did receive a VTU sensor delay jam with lights and control panel read 49.121 power off and back on.
We just updated the firmware so I'm wondering if the control board for tray 4 is the issue.

Post time: 2015-7-14 02:44:28 |Show all posts
Do the diagnostics for tray 4 by removing the back cover.

Post time: 2015-7-14 01:43:12 |Show all posts
Moved legal to tray 2 and letter in tray 3 & 4, ran paper path test on all trays, legal (tray 2) came out fine then letter from both trays 3 & 4 jammed - paper for tray 4 overlapping paper from tray 3 about 2 1/4 inches and trailing sheet about 2-3 inches from clearing fuser..
Cleared jam and received the 41.3 size mismatch in tray 3, opened and closed tray and message cleared then paper path test completed without any trouble.

Post time: 2015-7-14 00:26:34 |Show all posts
Remove the back cover of the tray 4 and read the diagnostics you can run in stand a lone mode. Should tell you something. Did you try my suggestion of moving legal to tray 2 and whatever is in tray 2 to tray 3 and running with all trays installed?

Post time: 2015-7-13 22:49:52 |Show all posts
Uninstalled and unplugged Tray 4 assembly and paper path test with all trays ran fine without a jam. Jobs are printing from multiple trays correctly without tray 4 installed.
If tray 4 is installed it will trow a 41.3 unexpected paper size- open and close door it clears but no change to paper or tray settings.
Could it be the tray 4 portion of the tray PCA went bad?

Post time: 2015-7-13 21:22:58 |Show all posts
Almost sounds like a dc controller issue but not sure. It is not rotated legal since legal can only go in the tray one way. What happens if you move the legal paper to tray 2 and put whatever is in tray 2 into tray 3 and see if you get the same thing happening.

Post time: 2015-7-13 19:32:06 |Show all posts
Ran a Paper path test of 10 copies from each tray 4-1 and it went flawless with no jams.
Printer passes Service Test.
Ran a paper path test using All Trays as the source and same multiple feed with tray 3 & 4...tray 4 paper actually comes out over top of the tray 3 paper. Tray 4 is plain letter and tray 3 is rotated legal.
I'm wondering if a sensor is faulty or the paper pickup pca may have some issues.
I don't think being unable to access printer status via IP would be related .

Post time: 2015-7-13 17:57:43 |Show all posts
With this printer you are dealing with PIU's for the main unit and the 2000 sheet feeder. You need to narrow down which one or more trays has an issue with paper path tests. First do a 10 page test from tray 4 only. Does it print ok or do you get a jam? Next do tray 3 and then tray 2. Tray 1 usually will not have an issue but try the 10 page test again from it. Now report back the results. If you only get consistent jams from tray 4, then the issue can be the tray 4 pickup assembly or tray 4 registration assembly. Now if you only get jams from tray 2 or 3, then the pickup unit for the main unit has issues. You will not be able to repair any solenoid issues with these pickup units since they use clutch assemblies for paper movement. Let us know how you make out.

Post time: 2015-7-13 16:00:13 |Show all posts
Symptoms are classic pickup roller solenoid sticking. Second sheet is blank because it fed prematurely and you get the size mismatch errors.
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