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Given non-EU Samsung toners for an EU-printer.

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Post time: 2015-6-17 07:56:56 |Show all posts
Hi - I bought a Samsung clp-325w from Amazon UK about 2 years ago. It came with some 'half-size' colour cartridges which have only just run out now.
On the 'half-size' toners that came with the printer it said to replace with: c4072s, m4072s, y4072s. I now live in Thailand so went to a local Samsung store and the lady said she had the cartridges but without the '2' in the codes. She said it would be perfectly fine for my printer, these are the new-style cartridges. I bought the 3 toners, they all came sealed in Samsung boxes, with the little holographic security seals on.
I got home, installed the new toners, but the red lights were still showing for the y,c,m toner being 'out'. I quickly googled the toner codes, and it seems the codes with '2' in them are the European cartridges. I wondered if it would be a problem with the voltages, but the non-'2' code toners say on the box 220-240V, which is the same as England.
In Thailand there are almost zero consumer rights; even with receipt and finding the same lady who served me, I'm unlikely to get any help from the store. Have I just wasted £110 on these toners, or is there a work-a-round?
Thank you, JB.

Post time: 2015-6-17 12:38:56 |Show all posts
Well, if the cartridges slide into the printer, I don't see why you would have to modify it. When you get replacement chips, make sure that they are the EU "flavor".
Uninet has them in the US. I believe that they ship worldwide. I would suppose that you should be able to find them elsewhere. I have used Uninet so I know that they are a reputable company. They also have detailed instructions on their page on installation of the chips.

Post time: 2015-6-17 11:02:53 |Show all posts
Hi Sue,
Thanks for your reply. I am totally new to the whole 'printer' self-modification world - I just watched a video and saw I need to cut the front off the toner, get a new chip from somewhere, then hot glue it into place, making sure not to cover the contact points?
My printer is a European model, the cartridges from Thailand - does that mean I need to source some European chips from somewhere?
Thanks for your help.

Post time: 2015-6-17 09:05:44 |Show all posts
I believe that you just need to install the correct "chips" for each cartridge. If you check out uninet, they have the correct chips for EU.
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