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Post time: 2012-6-19 19:05:05 |Show all posts
Just a note to anyone looking at a dell printer. DONT BUY ONE!!!! Our company now has two a960's that are broken and wont work. We have service agreement on the first one which broke in 3 months and then got a replacement. The replacement was broken when we unpacked it. Now we have two broken printers. Dell's solution to the problem - Send us back the first one that was broken and we will transfer the service warranty and then we can help you with the second one we shipped you that is broken. Mean while our company had to purchase a new printer to compensate for the time that we have lost in dealing with dell. This is the biggest joke of a printer and a service agreement that ever existed. Oh and don't ask for a refund of a defective product (or should we say 2 defective products) because dell will tell you to sit on your broken printer!!! Our company went with dell because of the customer service ratings and the reputation that they stand behind there products. That is a joke! Both HP and Gateway have stood behind their products we have purchased from them for years with no questions or problems. I think a few upper managers should be informed and not just the mid manager that watches the customer service center.

Post time: 2012-6-20 04:35:58 |Show all posts
I had a A940 which worked perfect for @ 4 years.  I also had $100 in ink to use up when it broke.  The A960 takes the same ink, so I bought a A960 on ebay.  It didn't work when I got it. Stick to a A940 (the same thing, but doesn't auto -feed to scan/copy/fax) , if you want to replace one & donot want to buy a new one....

Post time: 2012-6-20 03:10:38 |Show all posts
Dang this sounds like my story.  Except I did return the first printer (A960 as well) and got a replacement but of course this piece of that was the replacement is doing the same things the first one did.  Oviously this printer model has issues.  What really s is the 2nd one is not under warranty any more and I just bought $120 in ink and now I cannot even use it.  I would NEVER buy from Dell again.  Oh and speaking  of India I did have a nice guy in customer service help me out once.  He went over and beyond what his job was to help me when tech support was going to charge me over $100 dollars to try and help me.  I did find it extreamly difficult to understand the people's accent in India.  That alone would keep me from Dell.  If you can't understand what they are saying, you cannot communicate with them effectively.

Post time: 2012-6-20 01:19:18 |Show all posts
I've always had the best of service.

Post time: 2012-6-19 23:41:56 |Show all posts
Just because you fail to read and understand the terms of your service contract doesnt mean that Dell doesnt stand behind the product. You have to send back the original printer before they will send you a replacement for the 2nd one that was damaged in shipping. Otherwise people would be scamming Dell left and right by reporting a broken item, then getting a replacement and keeping both printers.

Post time: 2012-6-19 21:48:01 |Show all posts
You are so correct. They don't even know how to make their own products work. Supervisors in India are worthless. Total junk.

Post time: 2012-6-19 20:47:03 |Show all posts
you mentioned that the replacement printer is already damaged when you recieved it but still has the defective printer that you reported. if you reported that the replacement printer was damaged due to transport, dell will replace that part again, but if you still have the first defective printer, even if dell tech support create another dispatch, it will still be denied by the dispatcher since dispatchers will check their database if the defective printer had been recieved on their end.basically, as soon as the defective printer is recieved, the warranty of it will be transfered automatically to the replacement item. i suggest that you send first the defective one before dell could create another dispatch because, if you fail to do so, your company will be charged for the replacement printer. bottom line is, you may already purchased two printers from dell.
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