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DELL 1110

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Post time: 2015-5-23 10:14:14 |Show all posts
I bought a dell 1110 at a thrift store. I powered it up before I bought it and printed a test page (toner said 100 percent.) But when I got it home all I get now is a solid red light. I installed drivers and when I print a test page from vista it says "install toner cartridge." The Dell cartridge in it says 2000 sheets (that doesn't sound like a starter cartridge.) there's no fuse in the holder. Does anyone know what might be wrong?

Post time: 2015-5-23 11:45:34 |Show all posts
I am not all that familiar with the printer, but the way that fuse works is it blows when installed. That resets the page counter. After it blows, it doesn't matter if it's installed or not. The message isn't replace the cartridge, it says install it. That means there is something that isn't detecting the cartridge being installed. I would look for a lever that it pushes against, maybe it broke during transport. Could me it detects it through metal on the cartridge touching some springs inside that could have bent when it was bouncing around in the car.
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