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DC250 Magenta Developer filled with toner, What to do?

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Post time: 2013-4-26 21:28:28 |Show all posts
Hi guys, i need help, what should i do when I face this issue, i cannot print, I have changed 4 drums, and the fuser, it was printing perfect, and now I have this problem, the developer is filled with toner and it gives me less magenta color, any one can help me, how to remove this toner powder, or clean it. thank you.     

Post time: 2013-4-27 07:22:43 |Show all posts
A xerox tech would most likely replace the whole small magenta developer assembly if the gears were found to be faulty (assuming from the way other part assemblies are troubleshooted. I've had a developer housing replaced before due to a banding issue.)

Post time: 2013-4-27 05:23:20 |Show all posts
#1  - you can take out any other Developer unit to see how they turn
#2  - There is a possibility that something fell in to Magenta developer unit, in this case open the cover, dump the contents on to large newspaper, spread it around and try to see if there any objects that should not be there, Try to turn DV unit without powder see how it goes. If you had found something that does not belong there - remove it, poor the powder back in to the unit and assemble.
#3  - Best advice - have a service professional do this for you. There is a really small chance that you'd be able to order just gears if yo need them - try Partsdrop.com but I don't know if they ship International

Post time: 2013-4-27 04:03:47 |Show all posts
ola verifique se as engrenagens da caixa reveldora não estão gastas conforme informado pelo markD, caso estejam troque a caixa reveladora ou solicite o kit DEVELOPER HOUSING DRIVE GEAR REPAIR KIT DC250F, DC700, 7665F, DC500F 655N400

Post time: 2013-4-27 02:15:06 |Show all posts
I have opened the tank, and rotated manually, the gears didn't seem worn, but the rotation was going a little bit hard, I don't know maybe because it should be rotated hard by itself or something was making it to rotate hard.
Any suggestions what to do, I printed around 50 A3, and after that began to fill again with the toner powder?.
I don't know what to do.

Post time: 2013-4-27 00:23:49 |Show all posts
can i find to buy the gears if they are broken.

Post time: 2013-4-26 23:06:27 |Show all posts
The Developer drive gears have stripped.  New ones are required or a new tank is needed depending on how bad the damage is.  You can check by taking the tank out and looking at the gears at the back of the tank

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