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Contrasty scans from b&w 120 mm neg film

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Post time: 2012-9-9 16:48:48 |Show all posts
I am scanning b&w 120 film. My scans are flat. My settings are Neg (mono) and grayscale. Several years ago I had this scanner (Nikon 9000 ED) working fine. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Steve
--Nikon CoolScan 9000 ED Film Scanner (35 mm), Film Scanner (16 mm)

Post time: 2012-9-9 21:28:59 |Show all posts
Unfortunately, those units have a circut board at the power source and if there is no fuse  you more than likely destroyed that board. Take the casing apart (the part attached to the boat) it should be two halves. That inital board you see is probably what is destroyed. Of course before i did that I would look for an inline fuse near where the cables attach to the battery or under the unit in the nose of the boat. There is nearly always a fuse if it came from the factory or dealership with the unit so i'd play a little extra hide and go seek for that before doing anything else.
Best of Luck

Post time: 2012-9-9 19:33:22 |Show all posts
You can gently tap a nine-volt battery to the side of the wire pair that will be connect to the amplifier.  When you've got the loudspeaker connected in proper phase, the speaker will push out, instead of pulling in.

Post time: 2012-9-9 17:51:10 |Show all posts
If battery is out of the vehicle,  connect positive lead to positive terminal and negative lead to negative terminal.
If battery is in the vehicle, the proper way to connect leads depends on if it's a negative-grounded or a positive-grounded vehicle.
Here is a link to the manual for this charger.
Click where it says "Get This manual" (it's free).
[/url]Scroll down to pages 4 and 5 and it give detailed instructions on the proper way to connect leads and a lot more. It's a good manual to keep for future use.
I hope this helps.
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