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Coating buildup

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Post time: 2013-4-16 10:47:47 |Show all posts
We're having coating buildup issues on the caliper of our collator recently that we didn't have before.  I know it could be several things, diff coating, diff operators, etc but my main question is its a high temp aqueous coating on a Heidelberg 72, does it need to be a certain temp in the delivery pile to properly cure and if that is too high or too low could that be the issue?  We aren't having any problems with the piles sticking together, just coating buildup on the caliper and pads of the collator.

Post time: 2013-4-16 14:02:51 |Show all posts
Dumb as this sounds, if it just ends up being an issue with that coating, spray silicone on the caliper.  Had a guy that worked in our shop in the finishing line years ago.  He pretty much could fix any problem with tape, teflon tape, and silicone spray.  Works wonders (especially if this is just temporary)

Post time: 2013-4-16 12:43:29 |Show all posts
Normal pile temperature could be 100f +/-5 degrees but its not only the temp that dries the coating its also high volume air movement/extraction you need usally applied using 'air knives'. the moisture on the wet sheet has to be removed.
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