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Canon 4200f - Mac OS-X compatability

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Post time: 2012-11-11 18:07:07 |Show all posts
I have a Canon 4200f, and would like to use on a mac running os-x. Apparently this product is unsupported for Mac. Is there any way around this?
--Canon CanoScan 4200F Flatbed Scanner

Post time: 2012-11-11 22:59:37 |Show all posts
Canon CanoScan 4200f drivers for Mac (or any other unsupported scanner):
o Download and install VMWare Fusion, if not yet done.
o Install a reduced version of Windows XP (for achieving the best possible performance).  It IS possible to google for "Windows XP sp3 Lite for ASUS eee PC" and download the .iso disc image file, but then you should also have a bought copy of Windows XP for this to be alligable.
o Install VMWare Tools.
o Install Canon CanoScan 4200F driver and Canon Toolbox from Canon website.
o Run Canon Toolbox, enter VMWare Unity mode, and Ctrl-click the Canon Toolbox icon in the Mac OS X dock, and choose "Keep in Dock" option.
Now you can run the scanner software right away from your Dock!
If you want to scan automatically to a folder in your Mac, not your virtual machine, then do the following:
o Create a folder in your Pictures folder and rename it to "Scanned Images".
o Enable shared folders in VMWare settings. You don't have to share all your Mac, but at least enable the "Scanned Images" folder.
o Create an empty file and name it empty.bat. You can create it in Notepad. (We create this to fool Canon Toolbox a little bit.)
o Click Scan-1 button in Canon Toolbox and select the application to be opened. We just select this empty.bat we just created.(If empty.bat does not appear in the Open dialog, just go to the folder the file resides in, and type empty.bat in the Filename field.)
o While still in the dialog you opened by clicking on the Scan-1button, set the destination for scanned images to "Z:Scanned Images" or something.
o Uncheck the checkbox which is used to group the scanned images into folders by date.
If you wish the newly scanned image be revealed in a new Finder window, you must create a Folder Action to do that:
Ctrl-click on the "Scanned Images" folder in Finder and choose "Folder Actions" or something.
A dialog appears. Select the first item in the list. (You may alsocreate a modified script based on that preset script so that thescript does not view a confirmation dialog but instead reveals the new images straight away.)
Verify that the "Enable folder actions" checkbox is checked.
If you want to get Mac-like mouse cursors, install "Mac OS X Cursors-1.1-Setup" as well:http://tinyurl.com/MacOSXCursors-1-1-Set

Post time: 2012-11-11 21:07:54 |Show all posts
This solution does not work. On MAc there is no way to use this scanner. Canon sucks!!! There was no info about supported os on the box. It is just unfair to sell products without providing drivers for users.

Post time: 2012-11-11 19:51:50 |Show all posts
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