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Buying a cheap All-In-One...

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Post time: 2004-5-8 10:08:00 |Show all posts
I'm thinking about getting a budget All-In-One for my home office. I don't need a high performace, high volume monster, just a simple scanner, copier and printer. Something cheap, quiet and realtively fast.
I'm between the HP PSC120 and the Lexmark X1185. Both have basically the same functions, but the Lexmark has some nice features when it comes to photocopying (such as 400% enlargements, etc.)
A long time ago I used to own a Lexmark printer, those in wich you had to manually replace the printer cartridge in order to print in color... I haven't use a Lexmark printer since, so I don't really know what's the deal with them. I do know that the supplies are somewhat cheaper than HP.
Any comments will be very much appreciated.

Post time: 2004-5-8 19:09:15 |Show all posts
Well, there's always smuggling....  

Post time: 2004-5-8 17:33:36 |Show all posts
Unfortunately, the MP360 is not available in my country (wich means no supplies even IF I managed to get it from Newegg). I'm pretty much stuck the the HP PSC 1210 and the Lexmark X1185

Post time: 2004-5-8 15:39:07 |Show all posts
As always, I'd recommend Canon over HP or Lex for both output quality and cost of ownership. You will have to check specs re sharing, but you can get the MP360 for $116. shipped from Newegg. And there's is a $30. rebate on Canon's site. There is a thread in the Hot Deals section about it.

Post time: 2004-5-8 14:03:08 |Show all posts
One thing I'd like to know is if it possible to share this unit in a network, not just the printer, but the scanner aswell. I've had problems in the past with usb printer sharing.

Post time: 2004-5-8 12:38:40 |Show all posts
i just bought an hp1210 and i'm pretty satisified with it. it prints at a good quality for the price you pay.

Post time: 2004-5-8 11:12:29 |Show all posts
I bought a PSC1210 for $50 (refurb + rebate) Not a bad unit for the price. The only downside is that sometimes it has trouble picking up paper tho I think part of it might be due to the paper I'm using (it is HP paper but who knows).
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