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Best suggestions of hybrid blankets for coventional/uv ink

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Post time: 2013-4-9 22:29:29 |Show all posts
Hey guys,
Just looking for your opinion on the best hybrid blankets for conv./uv print.   Currently using Prisco Kryptons, which are really stiff and a pain to lock in.   We also use Prisco Ebony, which are the exact opposite.  They are extremely flimsy.  When loading them, the last 6"-8" of the blanket/packing buckles and crease in the center.  It doesn't matter if we load them under pressure or off pressure.  Because of the creasing issue we had to throw on some test Bottchers.  To early to make a conclusion on them...but they're bottchers...I bet they'll be good.

Post time: 2013-4-10 10:08:43 |Show all posts
Cornish,  that would be great but our 164 has a perfector (running 4/4 process) and even if we could perfect it without marking, there's no lamps aiming at the downside of the sheet to cure.  I have however done similar when running straight print jobs with no coating.  Just cure it in the extended delivery.  That keeps my blankets and rear cylinders nice and clean.

Post time: 2013-4-10 08:18:49 |Show all posts
RJ,  its a 47x64.  So far it feels pretty good.  I've been running a Rapida 105 8/C  perfector for 6 yrs. before this so a lot of the functions, buttons and characteristics are very similar.  We had a larger run last night (20,000) running UV so i'll be interested to see how the image retention is.  I'll give the roller deglazer a try, good tip!  As for the positioning and shutter adjustments, we'll have to sit on that idea.  The boss wouldn't go for that with warrenties on the line.

Post time: 2013-4-10 06:54:37 |Show all posts
If your not running plastic or foil stock why not give a Hybrid ink a try. Wet trap through the press then cure at the end.

Post time: 2013-4-10 05:44:04 |Show all posts
One this to check is how many sheets until retention of image will not go away. We have a 73" Rolland and this is not an issue we can go in and out any run length and blankets are usually pretty good.We may have to use our roller deglaze on the blankets to take some of the ghosted image off . Now our Heidelberg CD102 is ok up to 6000 sheets give or take a couple of thousand any thing over 10,000 blankets are done . Tons of light getting back to the blanket.  On inter-deck units only other unit are ok . We had to change the angle of the light and close the shutter to there minimum to were cure was not to good the came back a bit till we got cure . We have to be careful not to run to fast with any job were cure may be an issue . Poor placement of the lamp This is a CD issue . How are you likening the 162  44" X 64 0R 47" X 64 ?

Post time: 2013-4-10 04:32:50 |Show all posts
It's a brand new install.  With this being my first uv press it's hard to tell. I would say there does appear to be a little too much light on the blanket though. Blanket washers are not as effective in those units with lamps.  And the image retention is worse.

Post time: 2013-4-10 02:57:50 |Show all posts
162 Air motion how old from my experience with the 162 the shielding for the UV is not adequate
there still is alot of light getting through to the blanket . Do you have this issue at all ?

Post time: 2013-4-10 01:04:38 |Show all posts
You're right RJ. I don't know what i was thinking about the Kryptons.  They are strictly UV.  Thanks for the tips on the Ebonys and Prisma blankets.  We're running a KBA Rapida 162 with an Air Motions system.

Post time: 2013-4-9 23:52:52 |Show all posts
My understanding is Kripton is a pure uv blanket epdm rubber ,Ebony HC will go back and forth with no issue .HC is a very compressible blanket this makes it feel soft . You can ask you Prisco rep to give you EbonyE older style not as soft as the HC . One blanket we run with success with UV is the PRISMA HC . It runs well . What type of press are you running . We have a CD with IST UV and burn in is a common problem with UV no blanket really makes a difference just a bad design to much light going back to the blanket . Short run up 6000 sheets ok any thing above that and blankets are coming off . There is a place in Vancouver that refinishes UV blankets I have yet to try them . Hope this helps .
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