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A920 Copy\Scan causes Dell All-In-One center (dlbkaiox.exe) to crash

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Post time: 2012-11-9 09:23:23 |Show all posts
I have a Windows 2000 SP4 machine that crashes each time I try to copy\scan something. It gives the following error:
"dlbkaiox.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created."
I am able to print without problems, but it seems anything involving the Dell All-In-One center will not work.
Also, I cannot find the log this error is referring to...

Post time: 2012-11-9 19:08:40 |Show all posts
Okay I just came from installing a lexmark1150 on the same system that the dell A920 will not work on. Guess what the lexmark will not work either. The same error messages come up and it will not copy or scan. When trying to use the dell all in one center a screen comes up saying searching for scanning applications and will stay there indefinatly until you close it. 1150 lexmark and dell A920 are the same machine with cosmetic differences. Lexmark makes the A920 for Dell. As I have said at home I have a Dell 2350 and the A920 and they work fine no problems at all installing. My moms is a Dell 2400. The difference is my moms is a celeron and mine a pentium.....this cannot be the problem? Can it.

Post time: 2012-11-9 17:30:19 |Show all posts
i have just installed the third printer dell has sent and it will print but it will not copy or scan. as i said i have taken the printers to my home installed it on my dell2350 and it works fine. this makes no sense. so i went to office max today and purchased a lexmark printer. it looks alot like the dell printer, and yes i know dell had lexmark make theres. if this printer works i am giong to scream.
dell has a problem with theres and are doing nothing to fix it so i thought i would try this.

Post time: 2012-11-9 16:10:00 |Show all posts
I'm having the same problem. Have you come up with a solution yet? Thanks....Idonails@optonline.net

Post time: 2012-11-9 14:55:00 |Show all posts

Thanks for the suggestion - glad I'm not the only one getting this error. We had rebooted his computer several times and tried scanning\copying immediately after the reboot with no luck, so I'm afraid this isn't the same problem you're experiencing...

Post time: 2012-11-9 13:43:56 |Show all posts
Maybe this will help.
I'm a network admin. and one of my endusers encountered the problem this a.m. "dlbkaiox.ex"
She attempted to print 2 times after this errormessage appearedand could not. She rebooted and still could not. After notifying me, I went to her station and noticed the message which is reflected in her event log (Application) that states "Event ID 26" | Application Popup | Windows-Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low: Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file..during this process some applications may be denied.
According to event log time stamp and the enduser's recollection, this event 26happened between the time the error occurred and her notifying me. I then rebooted her machine and the problem hasn't occurred since. I will continue to watch it and post here if error reappears. I hope the Dell software doesn't have a serious memory leak or else this error will continue to appear.
Greg (bullmongonee)

Post time: 2012-11-9 12:13:02 |Show all posts
I have gotten the same error twice. Only had the printer since12-23-03, and have had nothing but problems. IT prints but wont copy or scan

Post time: 2012-11-9 10:29:33 |Show all posts
Thank you for visiting the Dell Community Forum.
I could not find any reference to this error message or the file “dlbkaiox.exe” on Google, or the Dell and Microsoft Knowledge Bases. You may want to try closing out applications that may be running in the back ground and see if the error message continues; this may help isolate if there is a conflict or issue with some other software running in the background. Another option, which you may want to try in a last resort is a clean install of just the operating system and the printer and see if you get the same message. If not reinstall all extra hardware and software items one thing at a time testing the printer between each addition to see if the problem returns; this can help isolate if there is a problem with a particular program.
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