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4550 PostScript Error and Blank Pages

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Post time: 2010-1-30 20:05:38 |Show all posts
I am having an annoying problem with my 4550dn. Every time a Windows machine prints to it it also prints two additional pages, one is blank, the second has the following PS error:
"ERROR: undefined
It never lists the offending command or stack.
It is connected over the network, via a Win2k, SP2 print server. Both Macs and PCs print to the machine. The Macs have no problem printing, using the BINPS name over LPR. I have tried various LPR ports as well as a JetDirect port and the problem keeps happening. Also, I used to get the command on a different HP printer when the "send ctrl-D before each job" was selected, but that is not the problem this time.
Anyone have any suggestions?

Post time: 2012-6-10 14:27:02 |Show all posts
Edited by amiodons at 2012-6-10 15:03

leonheart's answer is partially  correct.
Just print into a file (hint: change Port to File: ) and you will see at the end of the  print job something like
%-12345X@PJL EOJ
The cause is HP's adding to the PPD an for BINPS LPR unnecessary TBCP switch.
Here's the fragment:
*% =================================
*% Emulations and Protocols
*% =================================
*Protocols: PJL TBCP
*JCLBegin: ""
*JCLEnd: "<1B>%-12345X@PJL EOJ <0A><1B>%-12345X"
I changed the line above into
*JCLEnd: ""
and now I can create and print binary postscript in Windows 7 x64.
Just change the ppd file and delete the bpd one.
Print processor is not relevant. It works with WinPrint or hpcpp118 from the  HP Universal Print  Driver.
Regarding PPD's: I tried the in "Windows 7" included HPMCD25.PPD, from the HP lj558.exe "Windows XP" driver the HPB45507.PPD and the "HP Universal Printing PS" hpcu118s.ppd file.
All have the above section and the remedy works for those drivers. They actually all use the same MS Postscript5 driver.
If you want the have a lean system, or have no Win7 specific PS driver, just create your own one if you have a printer device specific PPD. It's a tip from the German computer magazine c't 2010/21, page 154. Here's how:
Copy into a new folder the Win7 files P5UI.DLL,  PSCRIPT.HLP,  PSCRIPT.NTF, PSCRIPT5.DLL, the printer's PPD and this handmade printer.inf, but modify the device names:
Signature="$Windows NT$"
"Printer Name" = printer.ppd

Then, when installing a new printer, choose this folder.

Post time: 2010-1-30 20:58:00 |Show all posts
I actually have just found the cause of the problem, so if anyone else runs into it you may want to try this fix. I switched the print processor from the default (WinPrint->RAW) to HPPRN02->RAW and the problem stopped happening.

Post time: 2010-1-30 20:10:48 |Show all posts
yes it are the <esc>JL END OF JOB commands after the last CTRL+D at the end of the postscript job. It's happening on BINPS queue
I've edited the PPD file and have removed the trailing PJL commands from there - but its hassle to get the windows queue to use the modified PPD - you have to remove the old driver, then search&destroy a *.BPD file (a binary PPD) in the spooler directory, then edit the driver INF file and have it to use the modified PPD and not the original compressed one (the one with *.PP_)
You also could try to switch off printing PS errors on the printer, but some people said this doesn't help
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